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MLS Disciplinary Committee Suspends Luis Garrido

MLS Disciplinary Committee Suspends Garrido and he’ll miss out on the final game of the season against the Chicago Fire.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS Disciplinary Committee has suspended Houston Dynamo midfielder Luis Garrido for his deliberate elbow into Lee Nguyen's neck and the Committee also fined him an undisclosed amount. It should come as little surprise for those that were able to see the play in the 25th minute of the game against the New England Revolution.  Garrido attempted to turn the ball away from Nguyen in order to gain possession, but Garrido led with his elbow and took out the player rather than cleanly winning the ball. With the suspension in place, Garrido's off-season starts a bit sooner than the rest of us as he's set to miss the final game of the season against the Chicago Fire.

Garrido has been characterized as a physical player in the midfield known for his big tackles in the midfield since joining the Dynamo, but in no ways has he been considered a dirty player. Garrido was just coming off of Honduran National Team duty and looked visibly exhausted at several points in the game. To me this incident points to his physical frustration rather than to his personality as a player. To me he still isn't a dirty player, but boy was this challenge bad. You can watch it here....if you have the stomach for it: