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Costa Rica Secures WWC Spot; T&T on to 3rd Place Game

Trinidad & Tobago will play winner of U.S. & Mexico game after game goes to penalty kicks.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Trinidad's semi-final game got off to a rocky start when Costa Rica scored a goal in the 19'.  With Costa Rica dominating possession, Trinidad managed to get only two shots in before Lauren Hutchinson scored the equalizer in the 73'. Kimika Forbes, who was back in action after sitting out the last game due to a red card, denied Costa Rica a goal in the 84'.  Trinidad's first corner came in the 88' but the team could make nothing of it. With regulation time ending at a 1-1 tie, the game headed into extra time.

Extra time began with Costa Rica controlling possession and making attempt after attempt, but Forbes would deny the goal each time.  In the 102' Costa Rica would score, but the goal would be disallowed as the offside flag was up. Trinidad would struggle to find opportunities, but a chance would come for Costa Rica in the 112' minute when Raquel Rodriguez sent the ball sailing towards (and over) the net.

T&T would be forced to play a player down after Rhea Belgrave received her second yellow card on a hard foul against Wendy Acosta, but with neither team able to find a goal, the game would go to penalty kicks. With T&T unable to score, Costa Rica would move on to the finale.