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U.S. Heads To Final With 3-0 Win

U.S. to face Costa Rica in Final, clenches spot in 2015 Women's World Cup

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a 6-0 victory over Haiti, which featured many of the usual starters, the U.S.  lineup for the semifinal match against Mexico featured a combination of veterans and the future of the U.S. National Team. Once again the team would start without Abby Wambach, but with Tobin Health, Carli Lloyd and Christen Press on the field, scoring wouldn't be a concern.

Tobin Heath sent the ball into the box in the 6', leading Carli Lloyd to score her third goal of the tournament with a header that would sail past the Mexican goalkeeper Pamela Tojonar giving the U.S. an early lead.

Press had the next opportunity for a U.S. goal in the 18', but Tojonar would tip the ball away. Leroux was ready for the rebound, but the shot was blocked. U.S. domination continued with Heath sending the ball well above the goal in the 18'. Press took a second shot on goal in the 21' minute that sailed into the side netting.

A rough tackle on Heath would have Lloyd lining up to take a questionable penalty kick, which she nailed giving the U.S. a 2-0 lead.

The first opportunity for Mexico came in the 35' with a corner kick, but was soon sent out of bounds and the U.S. would regain possession.  Confusion reigned in the 37' when two balls somehow ended up near Mexico's goal, yet neither found their way into the goal. Press followed up with a shot that would once again land in the side netting.

Meghan Klingenberg nearly landed her second goal of the tournament in the 45' off of a cross by Press. The U.S. would hold a 2-0 lead over Mexico going into halftime.

Mexico came into the second half with a spark of life as Arianna Romero took a shot in the 47' that landed on the top of the net. In the 48' Sydney Leroux followed up with a point-blank shot that crashed into the crossbar.  The U.S. finally found their fourth goal when Press landed a goal in an unguarded net in the 55'.

The second half was also a time of substitutions Leroux hit tried to make it 5-0 in the 61' but hit the post before being subbed out for Wambach. Wambach had her first chance in the 70' but headed it over the goal.  Lloyd netted her third goal of the night in the 75', but it was quickly ruled offside, denying her a hat trick.

With Tajonar off her line and both well within ten feet of the goal, both Wambach and Press attempted to net a goal and came away empty handed. The final whistle would blow, sending the U.S. to face Costa Rica in the final match and clencing their spot in the Women's World Cup.