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Editor's Notes: What to do with no playoffs

So the heck are we supposed to do with no playoffs?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

HaveThe Houston Dynamo season ended last Friday not as part of a playoff run but as the end of the regular season. Off-seasons in the past have consisted of filling holes with new signings and hope for the impending season. But this will be an off-season unlike any other the Houston Dynamo have had. For starters it is starting earlier than any other off-season. Not making the playoffs is unfamiliar territory that has only seen orange treads once before.

Any off season spelling roster changes but missing the playoffs potentially spells bigger ones. However, the roster will stay fairly static until the team hires its new technical director and head coach. Once those hires take place expect changes. This team had a number of underperformers this year. Some who will stay and prove us all wrong next season. Some who will stay and prove us right and we will spend another season lamenting their inclusion on the team. Those who go will either find a new team to underperform on, prove us wrong and excel on that team or fall to the wayside unable to find a team to land on. Who steps on the field in orange next season will depend heavily on who the team hires as its new technical director. But alas there will be plenty of time to discuss all of those moves.

The Seattle Sounders won the Supporter's Shield and the playoffs are getting ready to kick off. You may be wondering what exactly to with no Dynamo in the playoffs this year so naturally we decided to come up with a few suggestions.

Things to do with the Dynamo out of the playoffs:

  1. Get an early jump on Christmas shopping.
  2. Root for another team in the playoffs...hahaha
  3. Drink.
  4. Watch American football. After all the Texans are..oh well maybe that'll get better.
  5. Netflix. Lots and lots of Netflix.
  6. Enjoy hunting season.
  7. Take up knitting. You have time to knit an orange scarf for next season.

What will you be doing with no playoffs this year? Let us know in the comments!