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2014 Dynamo Theory Creamsicles: Announcer of the Year Sebastian Salazar

Sebastian Salazar fought a hard battle to beat out Glen Davis and Eddie Robinson for Announcer of the Year.

Our Announcer of the Year-Sebastian Salazar
Our Announcer of the Year-Sebastian Salazar

It is time to announce the winners of your favorite Dynamo awards - The Creamsicles! You have voted, we have voted and now it is time to see who all of the winners are. We will be announcing a winner each day. Today we announce the winner of our Announcer of the Year.

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Announcer of the Year Sebastian Salazar (37.5%)

He may not be back in Houston next season, but we will always have 2014! Sebastian Salazar came from behind to over take Eddie Robinson to win the 2014 Creamsicle award for Announcer of the Year. Though he wasn't in the booth for Dynamo games Salazar made a huge impact with his sideline reporting. Keeping viewers up with news from the sideline and getting halftime interviews Salazar always dug to get up-to-date news. While we are keeping these awards to the Dynamo a few voters did admit to the fact that he got their vote because of his Houston Dash coverage this season.

Announcer of the Year

Dynamo Theory Staff Vote: Sebastian Salazar (80%)

What do fans this of Sebi?

"Really I think it's a tie between Seba and Glenn but I'll give the edge to Salazar because of the added workload he's taken beyond his CSN duties: Dynamo TV and Dash play-by-play."

"Sebastian provided the balance to the big, fun personalities of Glenn and Eddie."

"Pour a little out for SS"

"He did great interviews."

While not about Sebi this comment about Eddie Robinson is just too golden not to share.

"He's sharp and doesn't mince words. He shoots from the hip."