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Is Orange Really The New Black?

Fashion Expert Naz Perez gives us the fashion scouting report on our Houston Dynamo

I was lucky enough to catch up with one of the best fashion minds in the business, Naz Perez, who happens to focus on fashion in sports. I had to find out, are our beloved Dynamo in trouble with the fashion police? (In case you need to see her credentials before you read on, click here!)

As Dynamo fans, heck yeah we love our team's kits! But how do the 3 main styles grade out on a fashion scale of 1-10?

First up to the chopping block, the away white on white kit!


You can never go wrong with a white uniform. They're crisp, clean-cut, and bright. They stand out. I think every team in every sport should have an all-white alternative uniform (I know this one isn't all white). They're extremely marketable and they look great on. The only reason this uniform isn't a perfect 10 is because white jerseys get dirty easily and after its first wear it's never really that "perfect white" ever again - Naz

Next up, the orange on orange pinstripe style!


Why? Pin stripes are very hard to pull off. Yes even on a soccer jersey uniform. If the color scheme isn't too loud (like, not orange) and the width of the stripe is big then I'm a fan. When the color scheme is too dramatic like the Dynamo's and the stripes are too thin, it tends to look a little clown-ish. - Naz

Lastly, the orange home kits


I love this color orange. This light creamy orange is definitely the new black. It's pretty and paired with the white it gives the Dynamos a uniformed clean look but with a pop of color. I give it 9 out of 10 only because I feel like it's really hard for fans to replicate this color into their game day wardrobe. Yes, game day outfits matter. To me anyway... - Naz

The Dynamo are undoubtedly orange centric, #ForeverOrange right? Well here's what orange means in the fashion world!

Orange is a very high-energy color that's very hard to pull off. Many people cannot comfortably wear this color because of its intensity. If you dare to dabble in orange and pull it off the right way though, it's one of the most fun colors to wear. It's extremely playful and has a sexual energy as well. I love when a sports team has the color orange in it because sports are an arena where most people who wouldn't normally wear orange can. -Naz

It's a hot summer day in H-Town and you and your boyfriend are heading to the game ladies, what are some good options for your game-day ensemble

Here's one choice Naz suggested

Or her number one option

White is my favorite color. So naturally an all-white look would be my top choice. This is also a better option for those of us who just can't wear orange.
For a hot day in Houston I would do a white t-shirt dress (every girl should own one) with white vans or sandals. I would incorporate orange into my make up with the all-white look. I like to wear Revlon's coral lipstick and Nars Orgasm blush together - Naz

Fellas, just because we're at a game doesn't mean we can't impress the ladies in the audience with our fashion sense!

There's nothing like a crisp white T-shirt on a guy. And Incorporate orange into your shoes. The Nike Fly knit Racer in "Total Orange" is perfect for a hot day at a Dynamo's game - Naz

Naz also suggests some Euro style jean shorts like the ones pictured below, very fashionable and nothing is more fitting at a soccer game than some European style right?

One player Ms. Perez gave a thumbs up to on fashion sense was defender Kofi Sarkodie. So not only does he impress us fans on the pitch, he makes a fashion impression off the pitch!

Well there you have it folks! A fashion article on a sports blog! I just wanted to bring you all a fresh and interesting perspective to the site about our Dynamos from one of the top experts in their field!

You can find more from Naz Perez on her website Or follow her

On Twitter: @JNazPerez or on Instagram: @nazperez