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2014 Dynamo Theory Creamsicles: Goal Celebration of the Year Giles Barnes' Tea Time

Giles Barnes celebrates with some tea and wins Goal Celebration of the Year.

Giles Barnes wins the Creamsicle for Best Goal Celebration.
Giles Barnes wins the Creamsicle for Best Goal Celebration.
Trask Smith

It is time to announce the winners of your favorite Dynamo awards - The Creamsicles! You have voted, we have voted and now it is time to see who all of the winners are. We will be announcing a winner each day. Today we announce the winner of our Goal Celebration of the Year.

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Goal Celebration of the Year: Giles Barnes 'Tea Time' (83%)

The big goal celebration winner this year was Giles Barnes and his tea time celebration.

Dynamo Theory Staff Vote: Giles Barnes 'Tea Time' (80%)

What did fans think of his celebration?

"It can be called Tea Time or Tea Sippin' celebration. It as fun and it's been a while since we had dancing or hopping after a goal scored."

"Giles Barnes... I still can't tell if he was mocking his own Englishness or mimicking the Kermit "But that ain't none of my business tho" meme, but it was a great celebration either way."

"Giles, because he actually prepares for his celebrations."

"Giles Barnes when he had the cup of tea. Because he's english, and they drink tea. Get it?!"

"...Look at the cheekiness of that celebration & how it impacted not only the Dynamo fans but the MLS media / fans as well."