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Houston get 11th selection in the Dispersal Draft

Conducted by weighted envelope draw, Houston was drawn 11th for the Dispersal Draft of Chivas USA players on Wednesday, November 19th.

Stephen Dunn

Houston has been drawn 11th to pick from the Chivas USA roster being dispersed back into the league after the club was contracted in October.

The draw was held at MLS Headquarters Friday afternoon by a weighted envelope draw. This meant that each team that failed to make the playoffs was assigned two envelopes while playoff contending teams were given a single envelope. From there, teams are randomly drawn until the entire order has been selected.

The process drew ire of some fans and media, particularly after the last envelope draw conducted by MLS. In this format, it would mean that playoff teams would have a 33% chance of getting to draw from the best talent available on Chivas' roster (four of the Top 5 teams were playoff contenders). Also included in the draft were new expansions Orlando City SC and New York City FC, each of which received a two-envelope weight to the draw.

The draft will take place on November 19th via a teleconference call with team representatives. Each team will be given a minute to make a selection and the draft will end after all teams have foregone additional selections. If a team selects a player, they must exercise full 2015 contract options on the player but may also leave them unprotected during the Expansion Draft on December 10th. Any players that are not selected during the Dispersal Draft will be moved into the Re-Entry Draft or Waiver Draft, depending on their eligibility. Sound confusing? Dynamo Theory have posted a brief guide to the offseason player drafts to make sense of it.

We've also made a quick guide for which players the Dynamo could target during the Dispersal Draft, including centerback Andrew Jean-Baptiste who, with Eric Brunner's retirement, is now a must-get if available. Other players to note are Chivas Homegrown Players Caleb Calvert (18, forward) and Marco Delgado (19, midfielder). These players are available for selection and, as homegrown players, can not be selected in the Expansion Draft and do not count against the 11-player protection list.

Here is the full list of Dispersal Draft order:

1.) FC Dallas
2.) New York City FC
3.) Sporting Kansas City
4.) DC United
5.) New England Revolution
6.) Montreal Impact
7.) Orlando City FC
8.) Colorado Rapids
9.) San Jose Earthquakes
10.) Real Salt Lake
11.) Houston Dynamo
12.) Portland Timbers
13.) Chicago Fire
14.) Toronto FC
15.) Columbus Crew SC
16.) LA Galaxy
17.) Philadelphia Union
18.) New York Red Bulls
19.) Seattle Sounders FC
20.) Vancouver Whitecaps

The Dispersal Draft will take place on Wednesday, November 19th at 3:00PM CST. Follow @DynamoTheory on Twitter to keep up-to-date with any Dynamo selections.