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2014 Dynamo Theory Creamsicles: Midfielder of the Year Luis Garrido

Luis Garrido wins his second Creamsicle this year!

Garrido takes home Midfielder of the Year
Garrido takes home Midfielder of the Year
Trask Smith

It is time to announce the winners of your favorite Dynamo awards - The Creamsicles! You have voted, we have voted and now it is time to see who all of the winners are. We will be announcing a winner each day. Today we announce Midfielder of the Year.

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Midfielder of the Year Luis Garrido (38%)

It came down to just one vote that gave Luis Garrido the win for Midfielder of the Year over Brad Davis. Garrido instantly made an impact when he joined the team on loan in late July from C.D. Olimpia. He helped to provide stability in the midfield and made numerous crucial tackles that the team had been needing. Garrido already won the 2014 Creamsicle for Breakout Player of the Year.

Midfielder of the Year 2014

Dynamo Theory Staff Vote: Luis Garrido (50%)

What did fans have to say about the midfielder?

"Because he had the most impact on the team this year. Davis is a close second."

"He made our defense more respectable and hustled more than anyone."

"I didn't think much of his signing, but Dom proved me wrong. I think the addition of Garrido had more impact than that of Beasley."

"Garrido really changed the team. Its hard to pick him since he joined the team late, but he transformed an awful defense into a kind of manageable defense."