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Canada to Face Sweden in Closed Door Friendlies

Erin McLeod poised to hit 100 caps.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

After showing the world their potential (even without the goal-scoring Diana Matheson) and losing to Japan in a last minute 3-2 loss, the Canadian Women's National Team will take on the fifth-ranked Swedish Women's National Team in Los Angeles, California in two friendlies that will be played out behind closed doors November 24th and 26th. The last the two teams met was in London, in a game that ended with a 2-2 draw with a pair of goals by Melissa Tancredi who was originally allocated to the Dash in 2014.

After splitting the pair of recent Japan games with Stephanie Labbe, Dash goalkeeper Erin McLeod is sitting on 99 caps*. With Canada's penchant to rotate their three keepers to ensure playing time for each, and with veteran Karina LaBlanc missing the Japan friendlies due to a small injury, it is very possible McLeod will not see time during these games. Possible, however not likely. McLeod has played in four out of the five international friendlies Canada has played this year, and has started in goal for three as well as started in two of the four matches in the Cyprus Women's Cup.

(*Canada Soccer's website notes McLeod has 92 caps, however the CSA lists her 75th cap was 7/9/2012. Since then she has earned 24 caps at the senior level.)