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2014 Dynamo Theory Creamsicles: Goalkeeper of the Year Tyler Deric

Tyler Deric wins as Goalkeeper of the Year.

Tyler Deric is the Goalkeeper of the Year.
Tyler Deric is the Goalkeeper of the Year.
Trask Smith

It is time to announce the winners of your favorite Dynamo awards - The Creamsicles! You have voted, we have voted and now it is time to see who all of the winners are. We will be announcing a winner each day. Today we announce the winner of our Goalkeeper of the Year.

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Goalkeeper of the Year: Tyler Deric (62%)

Tyler Deric started the season backing up Tally Hall but after Hall's season was ended by a torn ACL the former Dynamo Academy product found himself with the starting gig. Deric's presence in goal made a huge impact as he made save after save even finding himself up for Save of the Week on multiple occasions. With a strong presence in goal he also took command of the backline helping to sort out the defense. Deric is now the number one goalkeeper in Houston and looks to be the Dynamo keeper for the future.

Goalkeeper of the Year

Dynamo Theory Staff Vote: Tyler Deric (100%)

"Props for stepping in and making the most of it"

"I'd probably say a tie between Hall and Deric. Both are good goalies. The only reason I wouldn't pick Hall is his 0% save rate on penalties and his inability to get down quick enough. Both things Deric has a slight edge in."

"Legend though Deric only played a few games I think he showed everyone why Hall was found to be dispensable"

"Though Tally player 2/3 of the season, Tally had a down season before his injury, Tyler finally got a good set of games & showed really well in his 1/3 of the season that he played."