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2014 Dynamo Theory Creamscicles: MVP Giles Barnes

After a productive season with the Dynamo Giles Barnes comes out as the team MVP.

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease.
He flies through the air with the greatest of ease.
Trask Smith

It is time to announce the winners of your favorite Dynamo awards - The Creamsicles! You have voted, we have voted and now it is time to see who all of the winners are. We will be announcing a winner each day. Today we announce the winner of our Most Valuable Player.

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Most Valuable Player: Giles Barnes (61%)

This is Giles Barnes third Creamsicle for 2014. Already he won for Goal Celebration of the Year as well as Forward of the Year. Barnes was consistent all year working hard up and down the field. He provided much needed stability in an ever changing line-up. Barnes was the leading goal scorer on the team and had five assists this season. Not afraid to pull the trigger he had 113 shots this season with 42 shots on goal.

mvp 2014

Dynamo Theory Staff Vote: Giles Barnes (80%)

What did the fans have to say about the Englishman?

"He's a star and the whole league will know it in 2015!"

"If Garrido had been here all year he might challenge Barnes but I don't think so. Hands down Barnes was the best and most consistent player all year long."

"Barnes is my choice. He showed a tremendous work rate this year compared to previous seasons. That and with him being the most consistent player on the team I think it was an easy choice to make"

"Barnes was here the whole season and contributed a lot to our offense. Garrido was amazing but wasn't here long enough to see how he'd contribute to a whole season. Davis probably had his worse season I have ever seen of him. He is practically like James Harden on defense now, a liability."