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Kickin' It Off The Pitch With Dash Defender Marissa Diggs

Get To Know The Young, Talented Defender For Your Houston Dash, Ms. Marissa Diggs

Marissa Diggs via Facebook

Marissa Diggs is a 22 year old, former second round pick of the Dash. She was born in Rowlett, Texas and played collegiately at the University of Central Florida. I was able to chat with her recently about herself, off the pitch.

Q: What's it like getting to play back in your home state for the Dash?

A: I love Texas so much. It's great that it's not too far for my family to come watch me play and I get to have authentic Mexican food a few times a week!

Q: What soccer player did you grow up most watching?

A: We all grew up watching the Mia Hamm's and Brandi Chastain's of the world. Of course they were amazing, but I enjoyed watching Christie Rampone. Us center backs get no love. It's Amazing I get to play against the people I idolized as a child..

Q: Who is your favorite Dynamo player?

A: Can I say Brian Ching? He's a part of the staff that keeps me on the roster..

Q: Who is the best singer on the Dash?

A: Erin McLeod. She's just really good at everything..

Q: Celebrity crush?

A: Drake, Justin Timberlake and
Will Smith & Jon Hamm are my current older men obsessions.

Q: If you didn't play professional soccer, what occupation would you have chosen?

A: I really want to open a boutique. Fashion is my passion... It will happen one day.

Q: Who are a few artists that appear on your pregame playlist?

A: I listen to a lot of Drake all of the time.. J. Cole and Spice Girls get a good amount of play as well.

Q: Why #23?

A: I've been 23 my whole life! Growing up playing soccer and basketball that's always been my number. Someone already had 23 in college so I switched to 32, but I decided to go back.

Q: What's a hidden talent of yours?

A: I'm pretty much terrible at everything besides soccer, but I know the words to every NSYNC song? ...That might be a disability.. haha

Q: What kind of success do you see for the Dash next season?

A: I don't think the standings reflected our play. We have a good foundation as a team and staff and I think the additions he's Randy has made will help us build for next year.

Q: Where can people follow you on social media?

A: I just go twitter this year and Instagram recently. I'm trying to be normal but haven't had much success at keeping up with IG. I'm going to try to get better though..
Twitter @Marissa_Diggs
IG: @MarissDiggs