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Coach says no to Houston Dynamo Head Coaching Job

New York Cosmos head coach and sporting director has no interest in coaching the Houston Dynamo next year.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

The Houston Dynamo head coach position is a sought after and coveted job, but one person on the Dynamo Front Office radar declined to even interview with the team. Giovanni Savarese, the New York Cosmos head coach and sporting director reportedly had no interest in the move to Houston which would put him in the top tier of American soccer.

Chris Canetti has seen Savarese build teams up from relatively nothing which is a trait he is looking for in coaches as the Dynamo have reached a time of uncertainty following long time Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear's departure to the San Jose Earthquakes.

While Canetti did seem eager to have an interview with Savarese, very little has changed with Savarese declining. There is still plenty of interest in the job and the Dynamo FO still has a list of candidates they're working hard to narrow. It does raise plenty of what-if questions about what could've been with the talented Savarese who is content to finish his work with the Cosmos before moving on to other pastures.