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A 'Royal' perspective on Matt Jordan

What did Impact fans think of Matt Jordan? Sofiane Benzaza tells us.

Yes we totally dug up photos from Jordan's days with the Dallas Burn
Yes we totally dug up photos from Jordan's days with the Dallas Burn
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As you know by now the Houston Dynamo hired Matt Jordan of the Montreal Impact as their Technical Director and General Manager. The hire has left some fans excited while other are scratching their heads over the hire. Jordan has been a behind the scenes guy in Montreal.

We wanted to find out a little more about Mr. Jordan so we got ahold of Sofiane Benzaza over at Mount Royal Soccer, the SB Nation blog covering the Montreal Impact, for his thoughts on Jordan.

I'm sure that Dynamo fans and media have had a chance to watch Matt Jordan's Q&A with the media. To be honest, that s exactly who Matt Jordan is: a very engaged, passionate, well-spoken and knowledgeable person. That is when he talks.

Not that Jordan is introverted and I am not a psychologist but his role with the Montréal Impact was more in the shadows if I may say. Not that his role as the "soccer operations" guy was not important, the exposure he got was not huge, which I assume is not a bad thing if you need to work efficiently.

As VP/GM, Jordan will have bigger responsibilities and more time in front of a microphone. He might seem as the quiet type if you observe him afar but is very friendly and enjoys talking/exchanging about the game , his duties and MLS.

He was the "MLS" guy within the staff handling scouting, college scouting drafts and more. his departure has left a big void at the management level for the bleu-blanc-noir.

Make sure you say hi to him and shake his hand. don't be intimated by his intense gaze and strong handshake. He was a professional GK.

An intense gaze and strong handshake can't hurt in Houston. The void that his departure has left in Montreal has helped to fill one in Houston as the team looks to strengthen their scouting and development programs. Jordan has hit the ground running in Houston already taking off to Spain on a scouting trip. Currently, amidst roster decisions Jordan is also helping team president Chris Canetti with the search for a new head coach.