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What's In A Name? A few fun ideas for a different name for the Dynamo

As Houston reloads its roster and searches for a new coach and identity, I wondered, what name would they choose if they changed the team's name?

The Houston Oilers are often the first team fans outside of Houston associate with Houston sports.
The Houston Oilers are often the first team fans outside of Houston associate with Houston sports.
Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports

Now I'm not saying I don't love the name, Houston Dynamo, because I do. It's unique, it's cool and it's ours! But as a fan of a certain team in sports, our minds sometimes wander to "what if's" land. What if Beckham had joined the Dynamo instead of the Galaxy? What if that shot had gone in or that one save had been made? So as I drove around snowy Northeast Ohio thinking of my beloved Dynamo, I thought, what if the Dynamo changed their name? What would the new name be? What colors would they use? What would I do with all my Dynamo shirts!? So I locked in on, what would their new name be?

Here are a few new name options I came up with:

Houston Falsetto/Baritone

Houston is known for it's great arts, especially the Houston Opera. It's incredibly creative and would reflect well on the well rounded culture of the area!

Houston Oilers

Go back to an old classic! Have the futbol team use the old football team's name, color and logos! When outsiders think of Houston sports, often times it's the Oilers logo and colors they think of!

Houston Jalapenos

Reflect on the strong Hispanic influence on the team and the city and add some flavor, literally, to the team name! Nothing says your team's hot like being named the Jalapenos.

Houston Ground Control

Nothing says Houston like a little Apollo 13 reference. Also, what's better in soccer than control? It would also pair very nicely with the Rockets & Astros!

Houston Headers

Alliteration plus a soccer reference might get some love from the fans right?

Houston Horns

We all know the line from Full Metal Jacket and according to that, one of the two things that comes from Texas is steer! And Texans loves their Texas Longhorns!

Of course this would mean we would have to overhaul the blog as well. Great, another update I have to do on my resume!

So this was my trip to the land of possibilities! I hope you had some laughs and I hope this encourages your minds to wander to the 'What If World' as well.

Make sure to vote in the poll and add your team name ideas in the comment section below!