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Boniek Garcia No Longer a Designated Player

Boniek Garcia is no longer a designated player which gives the Dynamo more signing flexibility.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It was recently reported that Boniek Garcia is no longer a designated player. Designated players are important in this league with the process it takes to get talent. Designated Players allow a team to go out and get a game changing player without the chance of another club stealing him.

Dynamo Theory requested a comment about the change in Boniek's roster status and were told that, "Boniek Garcia was classified as a Designated Player the last three seasons as a result of his transfer fee. Entering 2015, his transfer fee no longer impacts his budget charge to the point he is a Designated Player".

Fellow Honduran Alex Lopez however will remain a designated player. The mechanics of this is that Garcia's trade fee has been paid in full which allows us to move him off of the DP slot while Lopez's 1 million dollar fee has yet to be paid off.

With the off season in full swing this can become a large and integral part of the Dynamo signings with the ability to spend more money and get the heavy talent. Many fans have looked to Erick "Cubo" Torres, of the late Chivas USA, although he has been linked with some Mexican clubs and moves to the LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders and others are optimistic at what the new GM has found on his scouting trips to South America and Spain.

What would you like to see the Dynamo do with this new DP slot let us know in our poll below!