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A Wigan perspective on Owen Coyle

An eye for the transfer market and time to implement his plan are the two big takeaways from Coyle's time in Wigan.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Owen Coyle didn't always see the success in England that the teams he coached had hoped for when hiring him. Fans of the Bolton Wanderers have mixed feelings on his time with the club some say he was the cause of its relegation after failing to make enough adjustments after a number of players were lost due to injury. He followed his two years at Bolton by heading to Wigan but his time there was even shorter lived. But what impressions did that short stay in Wigan leave? We asked Kieran Heapy from Pie Eaters Footie, SB Nation's Wigan Athletic blog, for some thoughts on Coyle's time at Wigan.

What can I say about Owen Coyle's spell at Wigan Athletic? It was short and sweet. The man came in with not a hope of truly having success with us. Our now famous FA Cup win only months prior and our beloved Roberto Martinez leaving to be replaced by a former Bolton manager was never a hit to begin with.

Looking back now he managed to bring together a very talented side in an extremely short period of time, and had he be given more time maybe he could have changed things around. Yet the feeling around the club was one of discord and a lost dressing room. Performances began to drop, training session were reportedly lax and no discipline structure in place at the club.

It is of course always easy to look from afar and pull apart a man's work. There are two things though you can take away from Owen Coyle's time as Wigan manager, he has an eye for players in the transfer market and maybe he is a man who needs a long period of time to implement his plans; of course there is always the fact as well that he is always in those damn shorts!