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A second look at Nathan Sturgis

The Dynamo selected Nathan Sturgis in the second stage on the re-entry draft.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

While a number of fans hoped that the Dynamo would bring Dwayne DeRosario back to Houston they instead chose to bring back Nathan Sturgis. He only saw the field a handful of times while in orange and has bounced around the league since leaving. He has bounced around the league enough to make him the man who has played for the most teams in league history. While Houston has a strong starting lineup in the midfield they have lacked depth in that position.

He is one of the players left without a team after Chivas USA folded earlier this year. He played in 16 games for the Goats in 2014 but failed to compile any goals or assists. With the folding of the team The Goat Parade took a look at each of their players and here is some of what Alicia Rodriguez had to say about him.

And it may be the nature of his position that makes me so lukewarm on his play overall. I can respect the ability Sturgis showed, and his passing ability was perhaps a bit underrated. But a holding midfielder who is neither destroyer or deep-lying playmaker often gets lost in the mix. That can be the fault of the viewer, certainly, as maybe I didn't focus on him as much as I should have during games. But with full backs playing full-on two way games or shifting over to help center backs out, and with the other positions on the field all seeing plenty of time and action with the ball, having a player whose primary job it is to clog passing lanes and defend positionally as much as going directly after the ball means his game is going to be extremely subtle.

You can check out her full review here. What do you think are you happy to see Sturgis back in orange?