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Navigating a Way to the WWC (for the average fan): Accomodations

Planning your stay in Canada next summer.

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Now that you have your match tickets for Canada, or have otherwise decided the trip is indeed happening, the next thing to look at is accommodations.  Most people are aware of the obvious option of a hotel, but it seems few are familiar with hostels which are offered throughout Canada. Typically, hostels are cheaper than hotels but generally has more of a dorm-style feeling to them, although some hostels do offer private rooms. Some may have shared bathrooms or kitchens, and can be co-ed or segregated.

Tip 1: Hostels are popular options for college students and young adults.

For an idea on price for a weekend in June, hostels in Ottawa are going for $25USD a night (about $65CAD) for a single bed (in a 6 bed room) and a shared bath, while for $5 more one can secure a more private bedroom with just a shared bath. When compared to the hotel average of $100+ a night, a trip back to summer camp might seem so bad. (Did I mention you get to sleep in an old jail as well?)

*Disclaimer: I have never stayed in a hostel but have been told they are generally well-kept and safe. Just remember, it's like summer camp or a dorm room. You may be "rooming" with strangers. Plan accordingly.

Tip 2: Check into travel packages to cover hotel accommodations (especially if you wait until the last minute).

While planning for Canada's opening match in Edmonton, we decided to invest in a travel package (and let someone handle everything since it was only for two days) designed for the opening match through a travel agency. I was worried at first about the hotel accommodations, which you don't receive until after you make the first of three payments, but this paid off. While hotel rooms were going for $209 a night (or otherwise sold out), hotel packages start at $316 with this travel agency. Included are 2 nights' accommodations, breakfast, a two-day transit pass in the host city, and tour staff (just in case you can't follow the mass number of people wearing soccer jerseys to the stadium). For those of you flying, this also includes a 10% discount with AirCanada.

Travel Package Offered via Great Atlantic Sports Travel Agency

June 5th Hotel Rate for Edmonton

For U.S. Supporters, if you are a member of (or join for a fee) American Outlaws, I have been told they will be doing travel packages as well which includes airfare discounts.

Tip 3: If you're a student or under 26, check into travel agencies designed for students. They sometimes have cheaper options.

Some travel agencies do cater to young adults and students, but the flight options are limited. For some this can be more of a hassle than they care to deal with, especially if they do not wish to get up at 3:00 AM to hop on a plane. Still though, the prices of tickets and hotels can be quite a bit cheaper than standard rates.

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