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Last minute holiday gift guide for the Dynamo or Dash fan in your life

Need some last minute ideas? I perused the web and found some favorites for your shopping pleasure.

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Don't get beat up in holiday lines.
Don't get beat up in holiday lines.
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Christmas is in two days and let's face it you haven't gotten all your Christmas shopping done. Every year you say you'll do better, you won't wait until the last minute and then next thing you know it's just days before Christmas and it's a little empty under the tree.

Naturally, I'm here to help. Hard guy to buy for? The lady who has everything? Newborn? House? Check, check and check and oh yes very check. You can also check out our earlier holiday buying guide for ideas as well as our fashion guide if you want to make sure your selections are on trend.

For the guys:

Giles Barnes rocks the snapback so why shouldn't the guy in your life?


He's a big Houston Dash fan you say? Then you gotta go with a Houston Dash tee shirt.

dash men

For the ladies:

Touch by Alyssa Milano is a great line of team gear for women. While men's clothing can be roomier it can be really nice to have clothing that is actually made for women. Order now from Fanatics and you can get it in time for Christmas.

Touch Dynamo gear

Rumor has it that it can get cold in Houston. Naturally, a Houston Dynamo jacket is the answer. It comes in black or white with a small Dynamo decal. Fabolous.

Women's Jacket


Dash On Shirt

The Kiddo:

Gearing out the baby? Heck yes. How freaking cute are these booties? Chances are the baby won't remember this Christmas or wearing these but the pictures will last forever.


The household that needs stuff:

The only thing better than having a blanket is a sweatshirt blanket. They are currently out of them at Amazon but Wal-Mart (I know, I know) has them in stock online.

Dynamo Blanket

Dynamo gnome. That is all.

Dynamo gnome

Bare in mind that when ordering online some of the things I picked out may be out of stock or may not make it in time to make it under the tree. Solution? Print out a photo of the item you ordered wrap it in a small box and stick it under the tree. That way you can give them what you want and they still get something to unwrap. If you live in Houston you can always brave the elements and check out places like the Dynamo team store or Soccer 4 All for Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash gear.

*We are not affiliated with any of these sites nor do we vouch for them. We just want everyone decked out in orange for Christmas.*