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All We Want For Christmas: A Dynamo Theory Letter To Santa

Even After Receiving An Early Present Of Cubo Torres, Houston Still Has A Lot To Wish For This Holiday Season. Here's A Letter To Mr. Claus From Us Here At Dynamo Theory

Please come through on all of our Christmas wishes St. Nick!
Please come through on all of our Christmas wishes St. Nick!
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Santa Claus,

First, We'd like to thank you for the early delivery of Cubo Torres to our club! That was very generous of you, but we still have some stuff we're hoping you can handle.

The offseason has been eventful down here in Houston, as you know, and we have also added a few new pieces. We added a shiny, new coach, Owen Coyle! Through various personnel maneuvers, we've added depth to our lineup with Samuel Inkoom, Joe Willis, Chandler Hoffman, bringing back Nathan Sturgis and of course, Erick "Cubo" Torres. It's well known that you love the Dynamo, so as you watched our matches this year, you noticed our shaky backline play. We'd love it if you could bring us a great defender that can help limit the countless chances we allowed last year. Kofi Sarkodie would be especially appreciative. Even after acquiring Torres, our frontline still could use some depth. Memo Rodriguez was another early present we are very happy with! His potential is a beautiful thing and we hope he develops into a great pro! Lastly St. Nick, we'd love it if you could deliver us an MLS Cup in 2015. We've been very good this year, unlike some of the other teams which made their way to your Naughty List! You know too well that the #ForeverOrange fans are the best in the league and the most deserving of calling themselves champions again!

Here's a brief poem to give you a nice rosy cheeked smile before you deliver the World all their presents(except other MLS teams of course)

We Are Forever Orange

The MLS's Best

You Give Us Our Gifts

And We'll Do The Rest

Our Fans Are Number One

Hear How Loudly They Cheer

From Dynamo Theory to Everyone

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Sincerely Your Favorite Sports Blog,

Dynamo Theory

PS. If you have some extra cash lying around up there at the North Pole, all of our dedicated writers here at Dynamo Theory deserve a pay raise!