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Dynamo lose two in Mock Expansion Draft

The MLS SB Nation sites recently took part in a mock expansion draft to see how MLS’s newest members might shape up next week which saw the Dynamo lose two players.

Sorry Horsties, this guy was left unprotected
Sorry Horsties, this guy was left unprotected
Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

Recently you may have read Dynamo Theory's mock protected list for the upcoming Expansion Draft for New York City FC and Orlando City SC and you may have even commented on the selection choices or omissions. Well, the other MLS SB Nation blogs also created their own lists to take part in a greater mock draft to provide us with some insight to see who might go and who might stay because if anything is certain it's that we writers love to pretend to be the GMs. We're also often wrong in our choices as the differences in our Mock Dispersal Draft and the real thing plainly point out.

The two newest SB Nation sites Hudson River Blue (NYCFC) and The Mane Land (Orlando City SC) have made their choices for which players they would take in this draft and here they are with reasons for each selection:


Player Taken

Team Selected From

1.      Orlando City SC

Nat Borchers

Real Salt Lake

1.      New York City FC

Peguy Luyindula

New York Red Bulls

2.      Orlando City

Teal Bunbury

New England Revolution

2.      NYCFC

Jean-Baptiste Pierazzi

San Jose Earthquakes

3.      Orlando City

Davy Arnaud

D.C. United

3.      NYCFC

Dylan Remick

Seattle Sounders FC

4.      Orlando City

Andy Gruenebaum

Sporting Kansas City

4.      NYCFC

Benji Joya

Chicago Fire

5.      Orlando City

Eddie Johnson

D.C. United

5.      NYCFC

Chris Seitz

FC Dallas

6.      Orlando City

Brian Carroll

Philadelphia Union

6.      NYCFC

Devon Sandoval

Real Salt Lake

7.      Orlando City

David Horst

Houston Dynamo

7.      NYCFC

Chance Myers

Sporting Kansas City

8.      Orlando City

Marvell Wynne

Colorado Rapids

8.      NYCFC

Danny Cruz

Philadelphia Union

9.      Orlando City FC

Danny O'Rourke

Portland Timbers

9.      NYCFC

Patrick Mullins

New England Revolution

10.  Orlando City

Eric Gehrig

Columbus Crew

10.  NYCFC

Servando Carrasco

Houston Dynamo

In this scenario the Dynamo would lose center back David Horst and midfielder Servando Carrasco. How do you feel about those potential losses?

While all of our protected lists are not to be taken too seriously, they weren't merely slapped together at the last minute and some thought went into protecting players (as I said, we like to play GM). The most talked about point for Dynamo Theory's list was the exclusion of forward Mark Sherrod who was left exposed to keep veteran defender/midfielder Corey Ashe. Some of the players that were selected are players that I would have protected (Borchers, Bunbury, and Myers for starters), but each blog had a reason that they might be able to justify as well or better than us leaving Sherrod off. Still, it's interesting to see the choices made and that the lowly Dynamo still lost the maximum two players in this draft.