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Results of the Women's World Cup draw include a group of death and controversy

Groups are now set for the Women's World Cup 2015.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Fans and players alike gathered around Saturday to watch the draw for the 2015 Women's World Cup set to be held in Canada. While much controversy has surrounded Canada's use of turf for the games those worries fell away as the excitement of the games began to increase.

Controversy soon returned as the seeded teams had their groups determined before the draw by FIFA. During the draw Colombia was initially drawn into Group E but as Brazil was already in that group they were moved to Group F. Teams from the same confederation can't face each other in group stages except for European teams. Controversy continued as the United States was drawn into what was quickly dubbed the Group of Death with Australia, Nigeria and Sweden.

Controversy or not the groups are set and it's time to start drawing up battle plans to get through the group stages of the 2015 Women's World Cup.

Group A

1. Canada

2. China

3. New Zealand

4. Netherlands

Group B

1. Germany

2. Ivory Coast

3. Norway

4. Thailand

Group C

1. Japan

2. Switzerland

3. Cameroon

4. Ecuador

Group D

1. United States

2. Australia

3. Sweden

4. Nigeria

Group E

1. Brazil

2. Republic of Korea

3. Spain

4. Costa Rica

Group F

1. France

2. England

3. Colombia

4. Mexico