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Expansion Draft Lists Released; Dynamo Expose Ashe, New Signings

After turning in Protected Lists Monday, the full list of protected and exposed players have been made available for NYCFC and OCSC to go shopping.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday afternoon teams submitted their Protected Lists ahead of Wednesday's Expansion Draft which will see New York City F.C. and Orlando City S.C. go round-for-round, selecting players from the exposed lists. Those that are deemed "Protected" cannot be selected by the new teams and, if an "Exposed" player is picked up, the Dynamo will be allowed to move a player into the "Protected", bringing the total to 12.

AJ Cochran and Jason Johnson, by way of Generation Adidas, are protected automatically. New signing "Memo" Rodriguez and Bryan Salazar also escape the draft thanks to their Homegrown status. Here's the full list below:

Protected Exposed
Giles Barnes Corey Ashe
DaMarcus Beasley Servando Carrasco
Boniek Garcia Omar Cummings
Will Bruin David Horst
Ricardo Clark Samuel Inkoom
Brad Davis Brian Ownby
Tyler Deric Anthony Arena
Luis Garrido Michael Lisch
Alex Lopez Mark Sherrod
Kofi Sarkodie Joe Willis
Jermaine Taylor

A full list of all MLS teams' lists can be found here.