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If you can't tell from my screen name, I'm a big Pittsburgh sports supporter and with the new affiliation that our local USL Pro club Riverhounds have with Dynamo, I just have a couple quick questions.

Who do you think, if any, will be assigned to Pittsburgh, and what do you think we can expect from them?

Our roster is slowly but surely getting stronger each year, and when I first heard we were getting an affiliation deal with a strong MLS club, I was naturally very excited at the prospect. However, I admit I don't really know a thing about your club or roster or Houston in general (I had a layover there once...) so any info would be great.

Also, how does assigning a player to their USL Pro squad work exactly? If you assign a player and he starts kicking butt and chewing gum, can you recall him right there, or is he here for a whole year?

Anyway, even though on the MLS level, I'm a Timbers fan at heart (lived in Portland for about 8 years, I know my sports affiliations are weird) I'll most surely be watching to see how you guys do. Best of luck on your upcoming season!

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