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A defender from Hehven, a chat with Euan Holden

After time overseas Euan Holden is now back in the United States as a guest player with the Dynamo.

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Euan Holden has had a long history with the Dynamo and not just because his older brother Stuart Holden used to play for the team. A defender out of the University of New Mexico Holden was drafted by the Dynamo in the 2010 MLS SuperDraft but instead of signing with the team he moved overseas to pursue other options. Holden played in Denmark until going to play for Stockport County in England in 2011. He stayed with Stockport until going to Bury last year but after multiple manager changes he and the team decided to part ways causing him to head back home to Houston.

As a guest player with the Dynamo Holden has shown just how strong his defensive game has gotten since playing in Europe causing many Dynamo fans to wonder if the player who was supposed to be ours in 2010 will finally be this time around.

I got the chance to talk with Holden on Tuesday about Bury, the Dynamo and his jewelry line Hehven.

Dynamo Theory: Your contract with Bury was cancelled earlier this year. Were you expecting them to cancel it or did it come as a surprise?

Euan Holden: I was having a very good year with the team. But I was on my third manager since the season started and there was no hard feelings. It was just one of those situations where the new manager had come in and he had certain ideas of what wanted to do with the club and he had already identified players that he wanted to bring in.

It was a case that 7 or 8 of the current players were players that he hadn't seen play or weren't going to fit the type of playing style that he wanted to play and it's just one of those circumstances where we just mutually agreed that it would be best for both parties to part ways. So it was one of those things it wasn't a bad thing.

It's just one of those instance where I sat down with the manager we got along really well but we sat down and talked about it and it would allow me to peruse other options and it would allow him to bring in someone that he had identified that he wanted to bring in.

DT: How did you end up with Houston? You have a history with the team but how did you end up coming back as a guest player this time around?

EH: When I got release or made my contract nullify I headed back to Houston and spoke to Dom. I kept in touch with Dominic Kinnear over the years and trained with them when I was drafted. Asked his advice a little bit and see where he was at and he kindly enough offered to have me come in and train for a little bit with the guys and get around their guys and get some crucial training in.

DT: And what does it mean to be a guest player?

EH: I have known Dom for a while and I admire what he has done with the Dynamo and what he has done for players and helped them progress. I spoke with him and he invited me in to come in and train with the guys and for the time being when I come in I am a guest of the club.

DT: Are you hoping to come back and play in the US or hoping to go back overseas? What are your thoughts for the future?

EH: For the future, I mean at the moment I am just enjoying being around the Dynamo and training and staying in shape. Playing some games with the guys as for my future it is all up in the air at the moment. I am not necessarily wanting to go back or stay at the moment. I am just training and I am definitely enjoying my time though I'll say that as far as where I see myself I am not sure about that to be honest.

DT: As their 2010 draft pick do the Dynamo have any rights to you if you do return to MLS?

EH: To be honest I'm not 100% sure on the rules and regulations with the league. My understanding was that I believe that Houston held my rights for two year but I'm not completely sure how that works but Houston is a great city I grew up in and obviously a great organization. I think if anywhere was an option I think Houston is going to be one of the top places for any player to want to play.

DT: How long are you going to be with the team? Are you going to be going to Carolina for the Carolina Cup with them?

EH: I'm just not sure at the moment. So far it has been one of those week to week to week things just come in and enjoy it and keep fit. As far as how long I'm with the team I'm not sure that's up in the air as well but I know I am going to be there this week and I was in Arizona with the team. I am just enjoying it on a day to day basis and I'll just see where it takes me.

Dom had created a unique environment that isn't just a good group of soccer players but a good group of guys -Euan Holden

DT: How do you feel you have done so far? Fans have been excited to see you on the field and have been impressed with your form how do you feel you have done?

EH: I've felt comfortable. I think a lot of players have a hard time making transitions whether it be from country to country or city to city team to team. I think coming to Houston and training with the guys is a unique situation for me.

One because I know a lot of the guys and also I think the locker room that Dominic creates is a great environment for any player so whether it may be someone who comes in who knows a lot of the guys or a new draft pick coming in I think Dom has created a unique environment that isn't just a good group of soccer players but a good group of guys. Which makes the transition a lot easier so for me coming in I felt that I got into the mold. I was able to get up with the old guys and got to know the new guys which made it very nuclear and that has made it a lot easier to fit into the play and get on the same page as everyone else.

DT: Has it been weird to come back and have some of the guys not be there that have been there in the past like Bobby Boswell and Brian Ching who is now in the Dash front office?

EH: Yeah I was laughing with Corey Ashe about it. Last time I was with the Dynamo Brian Ching was here, Bobby Boswell you know guys that have been here the whole time. Wade Barrett was a player and now he's a coach. It's funny to see how things change but referring back to how things are unique and amazing here how Dom has managed to keep this great environment with different players.

DT: Outside of soccer you have your Hehven jewelry line. How did you get started doing that?

EH: It's a unique situation that presented itself. I got the opportunity to do it at the time with my business partner. We are told a lot growing up as an athlete that if we have spare time to do something productive with it. It was 2011-2012 that I got the opportunity to do it and I just thought I want to be productive with my down time and it was something to put my energy and extra time into. And it has just been growing. It's a hobby and soccer it obviously my number one but it's something that I can put my extra time into that I enjoy doing.

DT: Is it mostly based in England?

EH: No it's world wide based mostly in the US and England. Some times with the time difference things will happen with the media that suit English time better but it is definitely an American company too.

DT: Are you going to hit up any Dynamo players to model for you?

EH: A lot of the guys have joked about it already and I think a couple of the guys are going to get some things for their girlfriends or wives for Valentines Day coming up. Some of the guys might you never know.

DT: I know you have photos on Instagram of some of the guys in England with them.

EH: It's funny how it works I know some American guys who play in England who were buying them and wearing them and the interest of other players and other people admiring them and wanting them. For me seeing other people wear them and how they have spread has been very cool.

Keep an eye out for Holden on the field as the pre-season scrimmages continue and check out Hehven online at