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Valentine's Day Presented By The Dynamo

Ever thoughtful the Dynamo, namely the media department, wanted to make sure that fans knew how much the players love them this Valentine's Day and made cards to prove it.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Upon waking up on Friday morning Dynamo fans found that on Twitter and Instagram the team had wonderfully thought to tweet out a Valentine's wish from goal keeper Tally Hall.

However, the messages didn't end there.

And not to be out done team Captain Brad Davis upped the ante by setting a date with fans.

And if while you are sitting there reading these cards going "Oh no I forgot to get anything" the Dynamo still has you covered because all you have to say is "Honey, I'm taking to you Fan Fest Saturday at BBVA Compass Stadium" and you'll be good to go. If that isn't good enough to get you out of trouble- run. Run as fast as you can.