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Dynamo Fall to United 2-0

Dynamo in usual preseason form as they fall to D.C. in the first game of the Carolina Challenge Cup.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Dynamo kicked off the Carolina Cup Saturday with a loss against D.C. United.

United gained the goal advantage when a cross from Nick DeLeon deflected off David Horst and past goalkeeper Tyler Deric right into the net. They sealed the game when the Dynamo got caught on the break causing Deric to come out and save the initial goal but DCU's Seaton netted it in on the rebound leading to a 2-0 scoreline.

The Dynamo were unable to unlock a goal and had few chances. Former Dynamo defender Bobby Boswell read their attack and shut it down on numerous occasions leaving the team unable to get anything going. It was also the first time that Horst and Taylor were paired at center back and despite the own goal looks like it could prove to be a solid pairing going forward for the team.

The highlight of the second half may have been the announcer who couldn't quite grasp the names of the Dynamo players as we suddenly had Taylor Deric in goal with Carey Ashe aka Corey Ashe on defense and Tommy Caskio aka Tony Cascio in the midfield. While not a particularly bad game it lacked much excitement outside of what is a clear dislike between the two teams.

The Carolina Challenge Cup runs from February 22-March 1. The Dynamo will face the Seattle Sounders on February 26 followed by Charleston Battery on March 1.