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The Future of Forever Orange, Jason Johnson Edition

Jason Johnson rates his first season with the Dynamo as 'good' but this year he wants an 'excellent'.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Last year the Houston Dynamo selected Jason Johnson 13th overall in the MLS SuperDraft. The Jamaican native had signed a Generation Adidas contract and decided to leave the Virginia Commonwealth University after just two seasons. Last year with the Dynamo he played in 13 games and scored his first professional goal against the New York Red Bulls. The glimpses of him that Dynamo fans got left them wanting more and he wants to give to them this season. So Dynamo Theory sat down with him so ask him about the last year and his hopes for this upcoming season.

Dynamo Theory: What made you decide to sign a Generation Adidas contract?

JJ: A couple of reason but I was in college but I had the opportunity to leave college and the contract with GA was more guaranteed and you never know when you might get another opportunity like this one... and so far so good.

How was it going through the MLS Draft process?

To be honest I was a bit nervous at first. Everybody was as we went to the first part of the draft. But as the commissioner started calling out names, the draft names and the respective clubs, then I wasn't as nervous. I felt that no matter what team I went to I would do my best and I was so happy that the Houston Dynamo picked me and I am here to show my skills and show my appreciation for everybody

How would you rate your first year with the team?

I would give it a good. Not an excellent, not a very good but just a good.... My coaches talked to me last season about what I need to do to get better and to keep focus and especially my team needs me... and I would say I had a good season last year I could have played much better

What as the biggest difference from playing at VCU to play in Houston?

There is no school calendar there is just training and that is a bit different.. in college you just train in the morning and then go to class for the rest of the day you don't get very tired. Coming in to a professional environment you train really hard...In college there is not such a big group of professional players in training (in Houston) you have to be focused every was harder for me last season doing the right things over and over and I learned a lot of things from that.

How does it feel to be back in Houston and back training with the team?

It feels good! Obviously we had the off season but it feels really good to get back. It was nice to get some time away from soccer but no it the first time of it is always hard getting back training but during the last couple of training sessions the guys are fit and it makes training a lot easier and a lot more fun. In the preseason there will be a lot more great moments and improving.

How did that first pre-season game against the academy feel? Coming in in the second half and scoring a goal?

Scoring a goal is always good for a striker! It felt good to get back. It was against the academy team so it wasn't a hard competition. I'm looking forward to the game against Colorado. But it was good.

What are your expectations for this season?

A lot of good things. I think everyone on the team wants to win the trophy and get the trophy back to Houston. Personally, I don't like to set limits because I think you can always improve on what you do. So I am aiming just to do my best and help the team to win each and every game. Like I said ultimate goal is to get the trophy back here.

Any personal goals set? Golden Boot?

I will not say, I don't want to jinx myself but I will score as many as I can.