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Still looking for a FIFA 14 Pro Club for Xbox 360?

If you play FIFA14, mosey over to our Pro Club. We're happy to play with anyone who wants to join us!

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Join the FIFA 14 MLSFI (unofficial DT) Pro Club

When not holding down full time jobs and part time commentary at Dynamo Theory, writers @travi_the_rabbi, @onefusionllp and @dynomaam flex their virtual muscles on FIFA 14. Readers @ericwalcott and @papabear1331 along with Bavarian Football Works writer @heynckelpott help round out the current roster.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, FIFA 14 is an EA soccer simulator. The game features virtual versions of actual teams complete with actual professional soccer players. To best simulate the unique skills of each player, the teams and players are ranked by various skill metrics that are updated regularly based on the real player’s performance on the pitch. Metrics include agility, pace, defense and strength, among plenty of others.

This allows any sports fanatic the opportunity to control their favorite team’s fortunes in virtual competition. Acting as coach, the gamer makes roster decisions and controls the team in games.

The gamer also has the option of creating their own unique player and interacting with other gamers in a "pro club" setting. The player-made character’s skills can be customized and grown with use.

Playing as a pro, even a virtual one, encourages a whole new level of appreciation for soccer. Pro club puts you in the boots of a professional player, hearing the roar of a crowded stadium. British announcers offer commentary on the game, giving you the feeling of being in a movie trailer. It’s exhilarating searching for the perfect cross to your teammate, or slide tackling the ball out from underneath a forward making a run on the goal.

Gamers on the same pro club play live cooperative matches against other teams. Like European leagues, pro clubs can face promotion or relegation to lower or higher divisions based on performance.

If you’re interested in joining the unofficial Dynamo Theory pro club, search for club "MLSFI". We welcome all regardless of skill level. Whether you are brand spanking new or a seasoned veteran, we are happy to share our passion for soccer with anyone.

NOTE: The Dynamo Theory writers and readers who play for the MLSFI Pro Club play on Xbox 360 over Xbox Live. If you have another console, search for MLSFI in Pro Clubs and you'll find the other MLSFI iterations available.