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Houston Dynamo announce loanees to Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Jason Johnson, Anthony Arena and Home Grown Player Bryan Salazar were announced to be loaned to Pittsburgh Riverhounds as part of the Houston Dynamo - Pittsburgh Riverhounds MLS/USL-Pro affiliation.

Pay close attention to the shooting form Jason Johnson shows here, it is incredible.
Pay close attention to the shooting form Jason Johnson shows here, it is incredible.

Darrell Lovell was first to tweet out the official announcement of the Houston Dynamo loanees being sent to Pittsburgh Riverhounds. Jason Johnson, Anthony Arena and Bryan Salazar will be heading to Pittsburgh on Tuesday to join the Riverhounds for what is expected to be the vast majority if not entirety of the USL-Pro season.

Jason Johnson is a forward turned winger who has had limited success in his minutes for the Houston Dynamo. Taking on defenders along the side line, whipping by them with a dribble move or two, and finally crossing into space in the box or even placing a shot on-goal, JJ could always be counted on for a few highlight plays throughout a match when he started. The best moment came in CONCACAF Champions League play where Johnson sent a rocket past a diving goalkeeper into the goal.

Anthony Arena is a central defender who plays strong and tough. He saw limited action, starting a couple of matches at center back for the Houston Dynamo due to injuries and National Team Call-ups. Anyone who sleeps on Arena will quickly find out he possesses the talent and athleticism to become a longterm stalwart along the back line.

Bryan Salazar is a homegrown player who plays primarily forward though he has played in practices as a winger as well. He possesses a ton of raw talent and athleticism, but will need time to develop and Pittsburgh offers the time and minutes for him to grow. I saw a few Riverhounds fans who were overly elated to know Salazar was on his way to them for at least a good chunk of the season.

Due to current injuries, a fourth unnamed Houston Dynamo player has yet to be sent on-loan to Pittsburgh, however once injuries are healed it is expected they will be loaned. That player is Brian Ownby, who filled in for Tony Cascio in the match against Montreal Impact at BBVA Stadium.