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Let The Twitter Games Begin: Texas Derby Style

The Texas Derby kicks off on Twitter.

F.C. Frisco players forever top heavy.
F.C. Frisco players forever top heavy.
Bob Levey

The games had barely ended Saturday night before the Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas twitter accounts started going at it.

Frisco's attempts at firing shots barely even reached 'Pew-Pew' status, but we wouldn't really expect anything more from them after last year's attempt at an Orange Obliteration System ended with a product recall. This year's game between the two will be as hot as ever since Frisco has El Capitan and two former Dynamo players on their squad in Je-Vaughn Watson and Adam Moffat. The Dynamo's beloved beard Adam Moffat was traded to Seattle last season who then shipped him down to Frisco. Hopefully, he will be driving the flat bed that will bring El Capitan back to Houston.

Surely these tweets are just the tip of the iceberg and fans can expect more online social media build up ahead of this weekend's Texas Derby. I would say two Texas teams, but there is only one team in Texas. They're the ones with TWO stars above their crest.