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Nostradamus in Orange: 2014 Houston Dynamo Prediction Central

Here we go, y'all. We're just days away from the start of the 2014 MLS season, so Dynamo Theory is giving everybody a chance to unleash your inner prognosticator. There's no reward for getting it right...or is there? Come inside and see.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not usually one to go around making predictions - the uncertainty goes against the perfectionist I can be. But with the hope of a new season standing before us, I felt that I might give it a whirl.

In the SB Nation season preview, I was one of the writers who contributed to their projected standings, which put the Houston Dynamo in 5th, in the final Eastern Conference playoff spot. I can say that I did struggle with my choice, but that in the end, I put them a little higher, in 4th. It's a very solid roster, very similar to the one that made the run last season - but there are still too many unanswered questions for me to put them much higher. I could be proved wrong in that regard (and I wouldn't mind it), but I have to stick with a 4th place finish, call it about 15-8-11 and 56 points.

I've seen it said elsewhere, and I think I might have to agree - last year was just a warm-up for one Englishman. Giles Barnes led the Dynamo in goals last year, and I think that this year, he'll be even more important - perhaps enough to be the team's MVP, especially with Boniek Garcia and possibly Brad Davis missing months of the season for the World Cup.

The goals will have to come from somewhere, and in my eyes, that somewhere is Omar Cummings. Will Bruin will rebound from a lackluster 2013 season, but it's Cummings who many feel still has more to prove. It won't be a one sided affair, though, and I think that Cummings will edge Bruin in the goals category - say 13 to 11 or something close to it.

Those are my predictions, put on this blog for all to see. But the fun isn't just for me. I encourage everyone to post your thoughts and predictions - on the topics I did and whatever else about this upcoming season that you may want to predict. There's no prize for getting it right except the fact that everyone who reads this blog will see that you called your shot - and that might lead to other opportunities. So get your guesses in, y'all - you have until kickoff on Saturday night.