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Welcome to Dynamo Theory

Over the past few months our little slice of Heaven has grown tremendously. We've added 2 new teams to cover (Houston Dash and Pittsburgh Riverhounds), and in turn we have also added some new staff. Here is your opportunity to get to know who we are, and also, to share a little about yourself.

We are family!
We are family!
Somebody in the stands at the Ching Testimonial

Let me begin by saying how proud I am of where Dynamo Theory is today. I remember fondly back to when the entirety of the staff included the one and only Ginge and myself. Yes, there was a time in Dynamo Theory history when there were only two of us on staff writing and posting. Admittedly, Ginge did most of the heavy lifting back then.

Here we are entering the 2014 Major League Soccer season covering three teams (Dynamo, Dash and Riverhounds) and also putting out stuff for the United States Men's and Women's National Teams. We have brought on new staff members to help divvy up the coverage, while promoting those who have been deserving.

I have said it before, and I'll continue to say it until I am one foot in the grave, this blog is nothing without the community. You, the readers, have shaped and formed this little outlet for Dynamo fans into something more than I could ever really imagine it to be. The only word I can truly use to describe what Dynamo Theory has become over the last 5 years is this, we are family.

While I wasn't a member of Dynamo Theory at its inception, it wasn't long before I found my way here. I started commenting and talking to Ginge through the blog, and shortly after he invited me to join the staff as a writer. Back then I was extremely green on the US soccer scene. I wrote well enough, and figured it would be a good learning experience.

Seasons passed, and I saw one editor leave and another take over. Then another. Then more writers. Beyond the arrivals and departures, I have gained friendships that mean the world to me. They may have left, but they are forever part of the Dynamo Theory "collective". Yes, we are the Borg, and 'Resistance is Futile'.

Enough about the blog, you want to know about me, right?

My real name is Sean, and as you've noticed by now everybody calls me by that or Fuzion (my moniker on here). I'm a 31-year old (single, never-married and no kids) technology geek who makes a living as an IT guy for a CPA firm in downtown Houston. I haven't lived in Houston all my life, but the vast majority has been spent here. I'm also an avid sports fan, and these are my teams:

Tottenham Hotspur, Houston Dynamo, Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, Houston Dash, Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Chicago Blackhawks and Houston Astros.

I played soccer as a kid for various local clubs and such, but nothing major. My Dad was a coach, and a lot of my tactical understand comes from him. I've always watched soccer in some form or fashion, and consider it my first love.

My downtime from work is spent on Twitter manning the Dynamo Theory twitter account (@dynamotheory) or my own (@onefusionllp). After all, 90% of news breaks first over Twitter these days. I also do some blog work from work as well (hope they don't fire me for that...). If I'm not writing, editing or tweeting, I'm probably playing FIFA Pro Clubs on Xbox 360 with Travis, Papa, Eric just to name a few (our Pro Club is MLSFI if anyone wants to join).

You can ask me anything on Twitter or in the comments here and I'm happy to reply (including tech issues).

Alright, so now you know who I am, I want to know, 'Who are you?' Reply with your own bio, so all of us can get to know one another as we begin this Quest for the Cup in 2014. It starts now.