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Dynamo Theory answers your questions - General Soccer, Dynamo and Dash Q&A

Starting next week Dynamo Theory will begin taking questions throughout the week and then answer them in a weekly story on the blog.

Zack wonders if Boniek Garcia as the point of a diamond midfield might help the Dynamo offense.
Zack wonders if Boniek Garcia as the point of a diamond midfield might help the Dynamo offense.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Every Friday during the Major League Soccer 2014 season, Dynamo Theory will be soliciting for questions from you, the readers. These questions can be submitted either in the story comments, on Twitter @dynamotheory with the hashtag #DTQA, on our Facebook page, or via email to dtblogstaff at gmail dot com.

These questions can be about anything soccer related, and we'll do our best to answer them. Note: Fuzion will not be the only one answering the questions, and occasionally and outside source may be called upon to bring further clarification.

This week, we didn't do much preparation, but we did receive some immediate "questions" after a very quick Twitter poll.

I have to believe, right now, the chances are slim. With a club like Atletico Madrid already voicing a desire to make a transfer request with Manchester United and Hernandez already expressing a willingness to move to Atletico, it would take something quite surprising to get him in Major League Soccer.

His youth, and the level of which his talent is considered by most pundits to be makes it difficult to truly expect a move to MLS, still considered by many to be on the level of the English Championship, anywhere on his horizon. With that said, stranger things have happened (and happened recently) so I can't completely rule it out.

If we're talking specifically to the Houston Dynamo, then I'd say those chances are even less, however I would put Houston as a top 3 or 4 to land him if he did make the move to Major League Soccer in the summer window.

Dominic Kinnear has always been a proponent of a 4-4-2 diamond formation, but strangely he has ventured from his beloved into something more closely resembling a hybrid of a 4-3-3. A typical diamond could work, but the 4-4-2 is becoming outdated and stale. What I mean is that more and more MLS clubs are adopting a 5 man midfield, which simply overwhelms a more open and wide 4 man midfield.

With that said, I'd be intrigued by a 4-3-2-1 formation, with the 3 being Brad Davis, Ricardo Clark and Tony Cascio, and the 2 being Giles Barnes and Boniek Garcia. It would allow for some extra freedom moving forward or drawing back, but also allow for Barnes and Boniek to both distribute to a forward other than Will Bruin, because Will Bruin is not a lone forward and would struggle even more as one.

It all depends on who you ask. A lot of analysts believe he is, but I for one am not sold on this being his landing spot. I do think New York land someone unexpected and probably pretty high quality, but it won't be Xavi. Oh, and Xavi's not coming to Major League Soccer before 2017. Mark it.

Many MLS clubs now have Under 23 clubs, and this is the perfect opportunity for Houston Dynamo to begin preparing for and building up to having their own USL-Pro/Reserves side a la LA Galaxy II. I expect we'll see Bryan Salazar become part of the U-23 club before too long, as Pittsburgh Riverhounds Head Coach Justin Evans thinks Salazar is just plain out of fitness. It's a necessary step toward developing a full and true pipeline for homegrown players.

Dominic Kinnear is a creature of habit and routine. He doesn't like to deviate from what he knows, which if we're being truly honest has not really failed as of yet. At least it hasn't failed if you consider the goal is make the MLS Playoffs and do some damage. Kinnear also has an affinity for players he considers core to his philosophies, like Jermaine Taylor and Will Bruin.

Both of these players in particular have shown flashes of brilliance, but for the most part their game in and game out performance is usually substandard to what we fans expect out of professional soccer players. Whether it is mental lapses for Taylor or lack of confidence for Will Bruin, the issues don't seem to be specifically physical. I think this is why Dom hasn't made a big change with either of them. He likes to let players fight through their struggles, as it builds them up for when they do breakthrough, and also teaches them to persevere through struggle.

And if we're being honest...isn't that what MLS Playoffs are anyways?