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Houston Dynamo Poetry Circle, Poets Welcome

Sports and battle have been the subject of poetry for centuries. Join the tradition by submitting your own Houston Dynamo themed poetry.

David Horst, the newest subject of Dynamo poetry
David Horst, the newest subject of Dynamo poetry
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Join the Houston Dynamo poetry circle by submitting a poem based on the team! Whether it be based on one of our victories, the players or the stadium, show us your creative poetry! Please post in the comment section.

While you think, enjoy this poem dedicated to David Horst. It is written in iambic tetrameter (a meter used by Lord Byron)

Ode to a Center Back

Our David Horst will take the field
And broken runs his strength will yield
With slides that make a strong man weep
and earn a nod from our goal keep

His headers rarely can be matched
Long legs that simply can't be catch'd
And when his victim makes a dive
"Get UP!" He yells, his eyes alight

Although a red may find him 'gain
For fire of passion, wrath, and vim
we ne'er will steer a truer course
Than when we play our David Horst