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Dash Dance: Yay or Nay?

Prior to the Dash's inaugural match a few weeks ago the Dash unveiled the Dash Dance. Now we take a closer look at it.

Did you learn the Dash Dance?
Did you learn the Dash Dance?
Trask Smith

All across sports, teams and their fans have celebrations for when their team scores a goal or makes a big play many of which have become iconic over the years. The Braves, and well just about any team with a Native American mascot, do the tomahawk chop. The Green Bay Packers have the Lambeau Leap.

And now Houston Dash fans have the Dash Dance. The dance is meant to take place after a goal is scored by the Dash at home games. Fans who attended the opening day match at BBVA were treated to a pre-game tutorial. If you weren't one of the lucky people to attend the first match allow Brian Ching to demonstrate:

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Simple and to the point. Okay I honestly don't really know what the 'point' of the Dash Dance is. I just really wanted an excuse to have a GIF made of Ching dancing.

But I will say this when I think of things like the Lambeau Leap I think of them as classic celebrations that sprang from something organic that players or fans have continued to replicate. Success of the Dash Dance will really depend on if the fans, even more than players, choose to embrace it.

So what do you say Houston are you down with the Dash Dance?