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Confirmed: Canadian Women's National Team Midfielder, Kaylyn Kyle, traded to Houston Dash

Made official today by Houston Dash and the NWSL, Kaylyn Kyle has been traded to the Houston Dash in exchange for Nikki Washington.

Kaylyn Kyle is your newest Houston Dash! #DashOn
Kaylyn Kyle is your newest Houston Dash! #DashOn
Joern Pollex

We mentioned on Twitter following some rumors we were hearing that CWNT midfielder Kaylyn Kyle was heading to Houston to join the Dash as soon as NWSL confirmed the trade. Well, guess what? NWSL confirmed it this afternoon.

Heading to Boston Breakers in exchange for Kaylyn Kyle is defender Nikki Washington who held a role as the left back of the Dash.

We will try to get up a player profile for Kaylyn Kyle as soon as we can, but in the meantime please give Kaylyn a follow on Twitter (@KaylynKyle) and welcome her to the team! (Remember to use #DashOn, too)