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RECAP: Dynamo Lose to Dallas and Refs 4-1

No Texas Derby is complete with out some bad referring right? Saturday night was just that as the wheels came off and El Capitan is headed back to Dallas.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Derby is never a friendly game. Nor should it be. What it also shouldn't be is decided by a referee but fans knew that would likely be the case when they saw that Ricardo Salazar would be the head referee for the match. A soft penalty call in the first half and an atrocious red card in the second half made the game exactly that.

Dynamo saw the early advantage as Giles Barnes had several great shots on goal that were stopped by Dallas keeper Chris Seitz. But as the first half wore on the team began to turn the ball over and several poor passes caused a shift in momentum. A soft penalty kick in the 31' gave Dallas a 1-0 lead over the Dynamo. Diaz and several Dynamo defenders were fighting in the box for the ball.  Diaz  tripped over Clark, going down, the referee whistled for a penalty kick. Michel stepped up to take the kick for Dallas, Hall dove to the right but didn't get out far enough and the ball went in.

Ten minutes later, Davis took a shot from Watson and went down clutching his ankle. Awarded a  free kick for the incident Davis stepped up and took the kick sending the ball into the box which Ricardo Clark headed into the back of the net drawing the two teams level. But Davis would eventually be forced to leave the game before the end of the half with Tony Casico coming on in his place.

Things got worse in the second half.

The moment that Dynamo fans had been hoping wouldn't come when David Horst was issued a red card for a tackle on Watson. While you could argue that the tackle may have deserved a yellow card there is no way it was a straight red. The free kick was then taken by Diaz and Watson headed it in to put Dallas up 2-1. AJ Cochron came on the field for Andrew Driver to make his MLS debut.

The team lost complete composure for the next few minutes as things went from bad to worse as an own goal credited to Barnes put Dallas up yet another goal. Then just minutes later Watson had a brace as he put his former team down 4-1.

The Dynamo managed to not give up any more goals but they weren't able to find any more. For the second year in a row Houston lost to Dallas and El Capitan is stuck living in Frisco for another year. Poor cannon.

Losing to Dallas burns and it burns badly but hey Dallas had 12 men on the field.