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Questions & Answers - Non-Designated Forwards, AJ Cochran at Defensive Midfielder and more

Once again we present the Dynamo Theory Questions & Answers, all of which were submitted through Twitter. If you want to participate this week, send a tweet, Facebook post or comment in this post with your questions.

Who is my favorite Houston Dynamo player? This guy!
Who is my favorite Houston Dynamo player? This guy!
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Non-designated players at the forward position tend to not be overly prolific. Most teams have spent a designated player slot on the forward position at this point. And it is crazy to think after everything I have said about Will Bruin, but among the non-designated player forwards he is still my choice at forward. I still think we need to use a designated player slot on the position, but the non-designated forwards list's top five goal-scorers of Will Bruin, Dominic Dwyer, Lamar Neagle, Quincy Amarikwa and Darren Mattocks.

I considered all of them, but in the end Bruin is starting to show his luck might become a consistent possibility, and among those of the non-designated player variety he is actually the most prolific of the bunch.

I actually said prior to Eric Brunner getting injured I wanted to see a CB pairing of Brunner and David Horst. They have a built-in chemistry from their time with Portland Timbers, but also they are both very solid defenders. It would definitely be worth experimenting. AJ Cochran at defensive midfielder is tough for me. I don't think he is polished enough offensively to even remotely challenge Ricardo Clark, Warren Creavalle or even Servando Carrasco.

Depth at CB is rarely a bad thing, but once Eric Brunner returns we will actually have five available true centerbacks, Jermaine Taylor, Eric Brunner, David Horst, AJ Cochran and Anthony Arena. I love seeing that kind of depth, but I wonder if last season we couldn't have spent our first round draft slot on a speedy forward. I'm not sure if we truly need all five centerbacks on our roster, especially since Cochran is playing solid enough to warrant starting minutes. We effectively have three true CBs who won't see the field consistently if Horst and Cochran prove to be the tandem for the future.

If I am being honest I would have to say Giles Barnes is my favorite player, specifically, on the team. I love how he is playing this season, even if he isn't hitting pay dirt immediately. The way he came into the season as fit and ready as ever shows his commitment to not just becoming the best, but also his commitment to the team. If you watch him play during matches, you can see why I'm a fan of his. He has those creative flashes, those moments that make you jump out of your seat in excitement.

Another favorite is everybody's current mancrush, David Horst. The way he plays, and how he has quickly become the voice of the back line excites me to no end as a fan. The Houston Dynamo took a chance on him following his injury with Portland Timbers, and he has proven to be an absolute steal (which many of us on Dynamo Theory said when he was traded for).

Finally, if I'm picking a third favorite, it has to be Boniek Garcia. I know a lot of people would be shocked to not see Brad Davis make my top three, but how can you not love the smiling Honduran? Anytime you see Boni on the pitch, you see that smile. He plays with a love and joy for the game you just can't match in the United States at all. This guy is special beyond measure, and I loathe the day he leaves to ply his trade in Europe which he inevitably will.

A pacey forward who can find the net or a creative forward who can beat defenders one v one with the ball at his feet. Either of these would allow Giles Barnes to slip back into his more comfortable attacking midfielder role, while also giving Will Bruin more space to maneuver and find those darting runs to poach goals. One or the other is vital if we intend to proceed in the setup we are in, and I don't see changes coming anytime soon.

We need to begin looking at outside backs, but it won't be a need in this draft specifically. It probably will be in the 2016 draft. Also, a lot of this depends on who is left unprotected for the expansion draft which is on the horizon for the 2015 offseason, and as we have seen we will most likely get bit hard by it.