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Houston Dash nab tie against Kansas City

Dash get first tie of the season drawing 2-2 with FC Kansas City.

Last time these two faced off in Houston the final result was 4-0 in Kansas City's favor this time it was a different story. While it wasn't a win the team was able to get their first tie of the season equaling the two goals FC Kansas City scored.

Kansas City came out firing with Frances Silva hitting the side netting on goal within seconds of the match starting. Less than a minute later Lauren Holiday got one past Erin McLeod to put FCKC up 1-0. The rest of the first fifteen was a back and forth with the Dash having few chances to get near Kansas City's goal. While Kansas City had several more chances and even a chance that forced McLeod to come out of the box to defend.

Not content to be shut out Burger sent a beautiful pass to Jordan Jackson who Burger realized had been left unmarked. With the ball at her feet, Jackson sent a perfect ball to the net to bring the Dash level with FCKC. But they wouldn't get out of the first half with the lead.

After several close calls that McLeod shut down she was finally faced with a ball she couldn't stop. Erika Tymrak played the ball through Ohale's legs and rocketed it to goal. It hit the goal post sending it into the net leaving McLeod unable to do anything to stop it as FCKC regained the lead in the 36'.

In the second half FCKC kept McLeod busy as she was forced to make save after save including going horizontal to stop a shot from Amy Rodriguez. The Dash had to fight hard for possession, but they worked at it going back and forth with FCKC. Anytime the Dash got near KC's goal they found themselves surrounded by blue jerseys. But second half sub Tiffany McCarty tied things back up at 2-2 after getting the ball into the back into the net. Despite Holiday having a chance at goal on multiple free kicks she wasn't able to get one in the net.

The Dash didn't allow themselves to be overwhelmed after going down a goal just two minutes into the match. They came back from each goal scored with a goal of their own. They now have their first tie of the season and can use it to create some momentum moving forward gaining much needed points in the standings.

Houston Dash: McLeod; Romero, Ohale, Hein, Ochs; Kyle, Jackson (McCarty 62')', Edwards; Burger (Souza 67'), Noyola (Noyola 67'), Ohai

FC Kansas City: Barhnart, Robinson, Phillips (Marlborough 81'), Sauerbrunn, Mathias, Buczkowski, Richmond, Tymrak, Holiday, Silva (Bogus 62'), Rodriguez