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Editor's Note: Horstie Love, Boniek Update and more

The love for David Horst and Mark Sherrod continues to grow with each passing game. Also, as the Dynamo start a road series how many points is good enough?

Trask Smith

If you have watched the Dynamo defense this season and you haven't fallen in love with David Horst something is wrong with you. Horst came to Houston from Portland in the offseason in exchange for a fourth round draft pick. Last season the Dynamo defense struggled and Horst was 4-5 on the depth chart in Portland, but this season is a different story.

Since stepping onto the field for the Dynamo he has been a force to be reckoned with. In Houston his grit and destructive play, which earned him the nickname Wreck-It-Horst, have lead to amazing things on the field. Saturday, he had a goal line clearance that helped give the team an emotional boost that it needed. It was a clearance that you need to see to believe it (around minute 3:30).

The legend of Horst grows every time he steps on the field.

Sherrod the Shinning Star

Second to the quickly growing camp of Horst lovers is the quickly growing camp of Mark Sherrod fans. He had his first start for the Dynamo last week filling in for an injured Will Bruin. This week he started up top with Bruin. In both games it was easy to see that either way the boy can play. His ability to spark the offense is something this team sorely needed especially now with Brad Davis away at USMNT camp. More than once we have also seen Sherrod drop back and make brilliant defensive plays proving his value up and down the field.

I'm not one to anoint players as the second coming after just a game or two, but I do think we can expect big things from Sherrod if Kinnear continues to put him in the lineup. And when I say if he keeps him in the lineup I mean he better otherwise we riot.

Boniek should be good for World Cup

Oscar Boniek Garcia left Houston's Saturday game in the 18 minute with what was a minor hamstring strain.The game against the Galaxy was to be his last game in orange before heading to pre-World Cup camp for Honduras on Monday. It is rare to see the Honduran leave a game early and to see him leave before even reaching the twenty minute mark was troubling, but his early exit was a pre-cautionary measure. It is believed that he will be fine by the time the 2014 World Cup starts in June.

On the road again

This weekend's win put the Dynamo tied in second place with Sporting Kansas City in the Eastern Conference standings. After three games at home the Dynamo are back on the road for three games. Wednesday they face off against a fourth place DC United who aren't the bottom feeders they were last year. United are sitting just two points back of the Dynamo points they would love to make up if they get the win. Of course there is also that whole awkward part about seeing your ex in their jersey as part of their back line.

Three games on the road mean nine potential road points for the Dynamo. After the D.C. game they play the San Jose Earthquakes followed by the Colorado Rapids who sit sixth and fifth respectively in the Western Conference. None of these road games will be easy ones. I think to come back to Houston with four points would be a win. To win one game, tie another and let another completely drop would be a solid road run at this point.

So how many points would you be happy with? What would be considered a successful road stretch? Three points? Four points?