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Chris Canetti's impromptu Q&A on Twitter

On Thursday night, Chris Canetti was flying back to Houston and had some time to field questions via Twitter. Seizing the opportunity, I threw four questions at him and the answers are interesting.

According to Chris Canetti, we will get to see Alexander Lopez play this season.
According to Chris Canetti, we will get to see Alexander Lopez play this season.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

2500 season tickets for the Houston Dash may not sound or feel like a lot, but most NWSL clubs barely sell tickets for single games of that quantity. There is still time to order season tickets for the Dash if you haven't already!

With Tony Cascio being out for the season, it is good to know his roster spot opens up. Although, if as others have suggested before the club is very tight to the salary budget allotted by Major League Soccer, being accountable for his budget number hurts. Still, the roster availability means Brian Ownby could be looking at significant first team or substitute minutes.

I wondered how much of the trade Brian Ching and the Dash Front Office had as compared to the veteran of transactions, Chris Canetti. It is clear from the response, Brian Ching and his staff are truly autonomous, and that is very good to know.

Names on the radar means the club is interested in some moves over the summer transfer window. This will only help to push fans to call for a true, proven goal-scorer for the Dynamo much like the Dash just acquired with Nina Burger. I'd be very curious to see their list of names, but let's be honest, they don't share that info with the likes of us little people.

This final question wasn't mine, but Canetti's answer was interesting to me.