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Match Preview: Dynamo against the Shaky Ground

The Dynamo are looking to bounce back with a win against their former-selves the San Jose Earthquakes while on the road.

Rob Carr

On the road again, just can't wait to get back home again. Wait...those aren't the lyrics. But that's how a lot of us feel when our Houston Dynamo go on the road. On Wednesday we dropped 3 points to D.C. United by losing 2-0. Road games are never easy, especially games where the Dynamo have a history against an opponent like the one on Sunday- the San Jose Earthquakes.

The Dynamo are coming off of a rough game for just about everyone. David Horst who has been an amazing player this year for the Dynamo had an off game. Adding on to the hurt Mark Sherrod left the D.C. game in the 10th game due to injury (he did not travel to San Jose with the team). To add the cherry on top of a poor game Brian Ownby was sent off in stoppage time for violent conduct against Cristian Fernandez. When it was all said and done it was a not a good game for the Dynamo.

Given that Mark Sherrod left the game with an injury and did not travel with the team, the Dynamo do not have many attacking options. With both Brad Davis and Oscar Boniek Garcia officially off on international duties and Sherrod injured this leaves Dominic Kinnear with few attacking options. Given the injuries and red card we have suffered (our 4th this season) I'm foreseeing Dom going with the 4-4-2. Omar Cummings had been playing winger the past couple of games (and doing great) he will more than likely be moved up front now to be paired with Bruin. While Barnes continues to hold down the midfield and helping him will be Warren Creavalle, Andrew Driver, and Servando Carrasco. Our back four more than likely won't be changing with Horst, Sarkodie, Taylor and Ashe holding that down.

Know your former self

The San Jose Earthquakes currently sit 7th in the Western Conference with only two victories all year long. Coincidentally against the Earthquakes while playing in Buck Shaw Stadium we only have 2 victories all time so the odds are not in our favor. But all is not lost! San Jose will be without their star striker and former Dynamo player Chris Wondolowski who is off on World Cup duty alongside Brad Davis.

With Wondolowski in the lineup Mark Watson tends to go with the 4-2-2 with either Wondo paired up front with Alan Gordon or as the lone striker. Given that he is away on international duty right now Mark Watson seems to be testing the 4-3-3. Without Wondo, the Earthquakes aren't a large threat, they have a total of 4 goals total without him. Two of which come from their 6'2 Honduran defender Victor Bernandez.

Given that both teams are without key players and the Dynamo are down a young promising forward this game is going to be a tough one to call. If we were at home, hands down I would call this a win for the Dynamo. But given that we are on the road and lacking attacking options this will be a tough one to call. If we can press forward and utilize Cummings speed to get around San Jose's back line we should be able to come out of this with 3 points.

Tune in Sunday, May 25th at 9:30 PM CST to find out if we get the 3 or not.