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Dynamo Theory Creative Circle: World Cup Edition honoring Brad Davis

To celebrate the World Cup, submit your poetry or short stories to the Dynamo Theory Creative Circle. Inspire your favorite player the way they have inspired you!

O Captain, Brad Davis, good luck on the World Cup Squad!
O Captain, Brad Davis, good luck on the World Cup Squad!
Christian Petersen

Dynamo Creative Circle

The World Cup draws nearer and, if you somehow failed to hear the news, the Houston Dynamo Captain, Brad Davis, was selected for the USMNT squad. It is a glorious time for Davis and for Houston, whom he represents.

To help celebrate, this Dynamo Creative Circle is dedicated to the World Cup! Please submit your poetry or stories in the comment section on the theme of the World Cup Squad (particularly Davis and Boniek Garcia). We also welcome work that celebrates ANY member of the squad, so bring out your pens to pose tribute to the likes of Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard, Kyle Beckerman and more!

This poem is fashioned after the famed poem "O Captain! My Captain!" by Walt Whitman.

O Captain! My Captain! Your journey has begun,
Fair Jurgen picked his squad of men, the brightest of the land
Scarce twenty-three, the best of all – beribboned, lauded, blest’
And oh, that list, illustrious names, proclaimed the name "Davis"

O Captain! My Captain! You don now the garb,
Of Crimson bands, azure, pure white; emblazoned stars that shine
But in your heart, emboldened, proud, forever orange you’ll be
And on your back, so broad and strong, you carry now our dreams

O Captain! My Captain! The World Cup draws near!
On winged ship and cloudy waves you sail onward to Brazil
To fight for prize of honor, pride and wreaths of valliant blooms,
Bring back the Cup! Bring back the prize! Your victory is nigh!