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Fantasy MLS: Maximizing the Free Transfer Market

The Week 15 transfer window ends TONIGHT, but with two weeks of free transfers looming ahead, there's plenty of money to be made during the World Cup.

How savvy are you on the budget side of MLS Fantasy?
How savvy are you on the budget side of MLS Fantasy?
Richard Heathcote

This week has been all about two things: picking players from the four teams that are playing MLS matches tomorrow (POR, DAL, DC, and MTL), and making sure that you don't lose fantasy budget in the process. If you followed my advice from last week, your bank should be sitting pretty right about now. I completely rebuilt my team, replacing all 18 players with the hot Round 15 transfer targets, and my team value is already higher than it was a week ago:

Don't get too comfy, guys. You'll be leaving again soon.

So, what am I going to do tonight once the Week 16 transfer window starts up again? The exact same thing. Sell, buy, rebuild. This time, I will keep any players that I will definitely want for Week 16 (especially the Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal Impact who have double-game weeks), and the rest of the slots will be filled with players that receive a high number of transfers in. That's easy enough to track -- the site gives you a page where you can see the players with the highest transfers in for the round. You should also consider the teams that will be experiencing double-game weeks in Rounds 17 and 18 to start prepping your lineup for when you won't have the free reign of unlimited transfers. Here's a view of what's on the horizon:


Who do you think are going to be the hot commodities for the Week 16 transfer window? How is your team budget doing? Let me know, and if you have any questions, I'm here to help!

Good luck, and remember to pick a different captain than me!