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Behind the World Pup Soccer videos

Soccer. Puppies. What more could you want in life? How about videos of puppies playing soccer? Thanks to your friendly Houston Dynamo you now have it and we have a look behind the videos.

From the team that brought you Torque: 2013 Houston Dynamo Intro you now have the World Pup Soccer series. Set to take place during the group stages of the 2014 World Cup World Pup soccer is sure to please. With Kofi Sarkodie, Eric Brunner and Brittany Bock calling the matches and Will Bruin with the intros what more could you want as pup takes on pup? We had the chance to ask Anthony Vasser, Multimedia Coordinatior for the Dynamo, a few questions about what went into making the videos.

Dynamo Theory: Is this (England vs Italy) the only World Pup Cup video you guys will have?

Anthony Vasser: We are are planning to release a series of World Pup matches during the round robin stages of the World Cup. We've picked the biggest and most important games to our Houston fans, so keep checking out DynamoTV! Of course, keep an eye out for the US vs Ghana game which is going to be pretty intense.

DT: Where did the idea for the video come from and how were you able to bring it to fruition?

AV: World Pup was one of those ideas that seems so evident now that it's created, but it sprang into reality only recently. This year Will Bruin started a Dynamo Charities initiative called Will's FUR-Ever friends, to raise money and awareness for the Houston SPCA. While brainstorming some unrelated ideas, the concept evolved quickly to be a perfect combination of fun, engaging and helping promote the Houston SPCA. The target release days necessitated a very quick production turnaround to schedule between players game and travel availability, constructing a stadium, and collecting the resources with the Houston SPCA. It was incredible to see how excited everyone was to help bring the idea to fruition. Leyva Custom Domino's Tables designed and constructed the stadium with just a few days notice. And the Houston SPCA was able to quickly provide a wonderful indoor location, numerous volunteers, and happened to have several puppies and small dogs we could film.

In fact, the only unanticipated thing we encountered was during film breaks, several of the dogs were adopted! It brought amazing smiles and excitement to all those involved to see such great homes and families being provided for the pets!

DT: How were you able to get the players involved with making the video?

AV: Asking players to be involved in charity events always brings excitement, especially one involving dogs! While it was a challenge to explain what we were asking the players to do, all the players were very eager to be a part of the project. In fact word spread quickly that several others wanted to be involved that we could have possibly held auditions!

DT: How was it working with the dogs to make the video?

AV: The hardest part about working with the dogs was we could they wouldn't play proper position. It may have hurt that we didn't have proper coaches! Working with the dogs was extremely enjoyable and much easier than I originally thought. Talking with the Houston SPCA, resources typically prevent many opportunities for a full day of social interaction and play. It was apparent that the dogs really enjoyed their time to run around the field, with many taking the opportunity to sneak out of the field of play to run in the conference room we were filming. The Houston SPCA has wonderful volunteers who work closely with the dogs. It was great seeing how easily the dogs energy and fun spirits transferred to all those during filming. I know I was licked in the face at least a dozen times by happy dogs. Smiles and great energy surrounded the filming and we know the dogs and volunteers all had a great time.

*If anyone is interested in contributing to Wills FUR-Ever friends, please visiting For anyone looking to adopt or volunteer with the Houston SPCA, please visit