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Where to watch World Cup 2014 in Houston

Don't know where to watch the World Cup in Houston? We got ya covered.

Denis Doyle

Houston Dynamo Watch Parties

The Houston Dynamo will be hosting watch parties for all of the games! Don't miss out as there will be players, Dynamo and Dash, as well your favorites from the front office attending.

Date Matches Viewing Party
Thursday, June 12 3 PM: Brazil vs. Croatia Christian's Tailgate (Heights)
Friday, June 13 11 AM: Mexico vs. Cameroon Pluckers
2 PM: Spain vs. Netherlands
5 PM: Chile vs. Australia
Saturday, June 14 11 AM: Colombia vs. Greece Lucky's Pub
2 PM: Uruguay vs. Costa Rica
5 PM: England vs. Italy
8 PM: Ivory Coast vs. Japan
Sunday, June 15 11 AM: Switzerland vs. Ecuador Diablo Loco
2 PM: France vs. Honduras
5 PM: Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina
Monday, June 16 11 AM: Germany vs. Portugal Lucky's Pub
2 PM: Iran vs. Nigeria
5 PM: United States vs. Ghana
Tuesday, June 17 11 AM: Belgium vs. Algeria Discovery Green
2 PM: Brazil vs. Mexico
5 PM: Russia vs. South Korea
Wednesday, June 18 11 AM: Australia vs. Netherlands Little Woodrow's
2 PM: Spain vs. Chile
5 PM: Cameroon vs. Croatia
Thursday, June 19 11 AM: Colombia vs. Ivory Coast Richmond Arms
2 PM: Uruguay vs. England
5 PM: Japan vs. Greece
Friday, June 20 11 AM: Italy vs. Costa Rica Little J's
2 PM: Switzerland vs. France
5 PM: Honduras vs. Ecuador
Saturday, June 21 11 AM: Argentina vs. Iran Mojeaux's Drinkery
2 PM: Germany vs. Ghana
5 PM: Nigeria vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina
Sunday, June 22 11 AM: Belgium vs. Russia Lucky's Pub
2 PM: South Korea vs. Algeria
5 PM: United States vs. Portugal
Monday, June 23 11 AM: Australia vs. Spain The West End
11 AM: Netherlands vs. Chile
3 PM: Croatia vs. Mexico
3 PM: Cameroon vs. Brazil
Tuesday, June 24 11 AM: Italy vs. Uruguay Saint Dane's
11 AM: Costa Rica vs. England
3 PM: Japan vs. Colombia
3 PM: Greece vs. Ivory Coast
Wednesday, June 25 11 AM: Nigeria vs. Argentina The King's Head
11 AM: Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Iran
3 PM: Honduras vs. Switzerland
3 PM: Ecuador vs. France
Thursday, June 26 11 AM: United States vs. Germany Lucky's Pub
11 AM: Portugal vs. Ghana
3 PM: South Korea vs. Belgium
3 PM: Algeria vs. Russia

American Outlaws: Houston

Always wanted to check out AO: Houston but never had the change? You can join them at Lucky's Pub downtown and see what it is like to watch a game with the Outlaws. More watch parties will be added as the US advances in the World Cup.

Monday, June16 5pm USMNT vs Ghana Lucky's Pub
Sunday, June 22 5pm USMNT vs Portugal Lucky's Pub
Thurday, June 26 11am USMNT vs Germany Lucky's Pub

Houston Area Bars

If you can't make it to a specific watch party there are plenty of other places to see the action. If there are places missing you think should be on the list mention them in the comments!

Baker St. Pub and Grill

Sherlock's Baker St. Pub

Watson's House of Ale

Stag's Head Pub

D&T Drive Inn

Hay Merchant

Local Pour

Richmond Arms Pub

Ron's Pub & White Horse Inn

Big Woodrow's Bar and Grill

The Bull & Bear Tavern

El Big Bad


Bar Munich

Big John's Sports Bar

Niko Niko's

The Queen Vic

The Springbok

Galway Hooker

The Phoenix

Watch our Dynamo Theory twitter account and Facebook page for updates on when and where you can hang out with your favorite DT editors and writers during the world cup