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FIFA World Cup 2014: Colombia vs Ivory Coast, Uruguay vs England, Japan vs Greece Live Game Thread

The first two teams, Spain and Australia, were eliminated from advancing in the World Cup yesterday. Will more follow today?

Richard Heathcote

Day 7 lowdown on SBN

Colombia vs Ivory Coast

Kickoff 11amCT

Both teams have won their first games placing them 1-2 in Group C. Colombia is in first place on goal differential.

Colombia SBN team preview here

Ivory Coast SBN team preview here

Uruguay vs England

Kickoff 2pmCT

Both teams are currently at the bottom of Group D. England started out strong against Italy but feel into laughable as the game went on and they lost 2-1. Uruguay fell 3-1 to Costa Rica in what many have called the upset of the World Cup.

Uruguay SBN team preview here

England SBN team preview here

Japan vs Greece

Kickoff 4pmCT

The bottom of Group C faces off as both team will need a win to keep hopes of advancing alive.

Japan SBN team preview here

Greece SBN team preview here